Compliance is never optional, but flexibility should be.

The Pricing Group is a boutique consulting firm specializing in customized solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers with regards to the requirements of Medicaid, Medicare, the Federal Supply Schedule, and the PHS/340B Program.

We understand the complexity of today’s highly regulated environment and can help a company manage the associated risks to ensure consistency and accuracy in the calculations. Our services are designed to not only ensure compliance but to also give the individual certifying the calculations the confidence to do so without concern or doubts regarding the integrity of the information submitted to the government.

This level of expertise and accuracy can only be found at The Pricing Group. We serve as a proactive member of our clients’ teams, guiding them through the complex landscape of government pricing.

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Government Price Reporting

We provide government price reporting for new or established manufacturers. Services include but are not limited to: set up in the federal healthcare programs, policies and standard operating procedures, and ongoing calculations (AMP, BP, ASP, NFAMP, PHS/340B).

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Rebate Invoicing

Managing 50 states’ unique invoicing processes is no small feat. We remove that burden from our clients, providing claims validation/processing and generation of payments for Medicaid (federal, supplemental, and SPAPs), Medicare Part D, Tricare and rebates associated with the Inflation Reduction Act.

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Price Consulting

We conduct contracting and product acquisition analyses to help manufacturers balance their commercial and government business. We can also provide basic and advanced government pricing training for your staff.

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Audits & Assessments

We offer both audits and assessments for pharmaceutical manufacturers who participate in the Federal Healthcare Programs. We can assist in determining the service most appropriate for a manufacturer based on their internal processes and supporting documentation maintained by them or their vendor.

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Government Pricing 101

August 27th, 2024

San Diego

We're excited to host our next workshop on Aug. 27, 2024, in San Diego! Government Pricing 101 is designed for professionals new to government pricing, as well as senior leaders looking for a basic understanding of the requirements of the federal healthcare programs for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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Meet Our Executive Director:

Katie Lapins Trujillo

Katie has worked in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of government and commercial contracting, compliance, finance, business development, and sales operations for over 20 years. As a consultant, Katie focuses exclusively on government pricing and contracting in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, specifically assisting with the requirements of the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program, Public Health Service/340B Program, Medicare Parts B and D, the Federal Supply Schedule, and Tricare.

Katie has assisted manufacturers with voluntary disclosures/restatements, led audits and assessments, calculated and submitted statutory pricing requirements (AMP, BP, ASP, PHS/340B, FSS), developed policies and procedures, and created training for onsite and web-based instruction. Clients have ranged from manufacturers with one specialty product to those with over 500 products.

Katie’s passion is training, and she has presented at numerous conferences and conducted workshops and specialized training for companies in the life sciences arena. She began her consulting career in 2006 after working directly for two different manufacturers, handling their government pricing requirements. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Denver and a Master of Arts in Public Policy from Duke University.


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